Novo Touch

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Transform your conference room into a true collaborative space

NovoTouch is a powerful team collaboration solution that’s ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoPro, a BYOD collaboration system, NovoTouch offers an advanced approach to group work in an all-in-one display. Featuring digital annotation and wireless capabilities, NovoTouch seamlessly connects users to one display, using technology that allows ideas to flow naturally.

The easy and affordable collaboration solution, NovoTouch creates an interactive environment for a fluid exchange of ideas. Features include:


Users can manipulate content with up to 20-points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation


Think differently during group work with side-byside collaboration on one large display


Up to 64 devices can connect, and four members can share content on the display, for a fluid exchange of ideas


Interact with content directly on the display to take notes or emphasize things in real time


Effortlessly integrate content into discussions to share ideas, increase productivity and drive innovation

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