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NovoDS is a very affordable and easy-to-manage digital signage solution which is ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for a corporate or public area. The digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and Web content in fully customizable configurations for a variety of settings.





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Launcher connectIntuitive template editor
Launcher connectRemote Snapshot

Easy-to-Create Content.

An easy-to-manage digital signage solution for creating dynamic multimedia content for a variety of large-scale corporate and educational applications. Includes 36 signage templates and as well as easily customizable user templates. Complete with a user friendly interface including a drag and drop feature, network-based remote management and remote snapshot of content playing per NovDS.




Playlist Editing

The functionality facilitates smoother edit, such as changing the template resolution or checking the dimensions of each region
NovoDS Playlist



NovoDS Importing

Importing Media Files from Remote Storage

Simple media content management over remote storage: FTP, Dropbox, and Samba.



Google Calendar and Weather Report

You can add a Google Calendar widget to a specific region. It basically displays today’s events sequentially. NovoDS allows add a 5-day weather report for any geographic location to a region on your display.
NovoDS Calender




NovoDS Calender

Remote text update function

This feature allows end user to store the text for display in a network/cloud storage with auto retrieve from NovoDS, which could greatly simplify your maintenance effort.




QR code generator

Help convert text into QR code on the signage display.
NovoDS Calender




NovoDS Calender

Customizable Home-Screen

This functionality allows easy installing and configuring a new homescreen.






Synchronized Playback Among Multiple NovoDS Devices

A master unit can be set up so that its content can be synchronized to the rest of the NovoDS devices in a defined group.






Customized Template

Customized Template

This functionality allows users to edit import and export customized templates for any type of message.






Serial Port Operation

Newly added RS232 control interface allows users to control remote LED panels.
Serial Port Operation



NovoDS Calender

Display monitor signal On/Off control

Users can schedule NovoDS’ HDMI signal On/Off to trigger the external display device.



Full Connectivity

NovoDS connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD 1080p at 60 FPS. It supports video playback of 4k Ultra HD at 30 FPS.
Novo Pro -Ports



Novo Pro -Ports

NovoDS Simulator

For Android tablet and phone users, you can fully simulate the features of NovoDS. Design and optimize your playlists, pre-view playlists and then deploy. Also, ideal for peer to peer reviews.
The NovoDS Simulator can be download here



Novods Key


Key features

• An easy-to-manage network-based digital signage solution for creating dynamic multimedia content
• Full HD 1080p, 60fps display quality with support for the next generation of ultra-high 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) displays from microSD slot.
• Export and update signage content via an Ethernet or wireless connection
• Complete with a user-friendly interface to generate signage content playlist with text, photos, audio, video, RSS, Twitter, built-in widgets, IP streaming (HTTP/RTSP), USB and IP camera inputs, without needing programming skills
• Remotely manage and monitor the status of content playing to a single display, group to Enterprise wide with real time updating
• Low total cost of ownership (TCO) – no software license fee, and free software upgrades