Immersive Adventure

Immersive Adventure is an innovative European company that designs and builds high quality digital projection systems to use in full dome immersive cinemas and planetarium domes.

Immersive     It has recently entered into a partnership with Vivitek, a worldleading provider of visual display and presentation products to provide them with projection equipment required at many of its installations such as Euro Space Center, in Belgium.


Vivitek helps create an Immersive Adventure in Europe The technology behind Immersive Adventure is used to great effect in planetariums where it’s used as a learning tool to educate young people about space. However, the software can also display videos explaining ocean currents, planet rotations and has even shown a video about the voyage of the Titanic.


The company has recently developed a ground-breaking new optical system, known as LSS, which offers unparalleled system flexibility with superb image quality and a great user interface. The LSS consists of a specially-designed “optical block” which, when positioned in front of a digital projector linked to a suitable computer system which generates a high-resolution full-dome image (180 degrees x 360 degrees).


The advantage of the LSS system is that the projector itself is not modified in any way. Therefore, as the optical block is independent from the projector, the systems offered by Immersive Adventure are extremely versatile and future-proof. 


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