Vivitek NovoDS – an easier, smarter choice for a Digital Signage Solution

The need to be informed and updated at all times, characterises the demands of many citizens today. Maybe that’s why so many people seem to be permanently glued to a mobile or laptop, eager to get the latest news, travel information, updates on their favourite sport or band, or even the most recent gossip about someone who’s in the public spotlight.


But being informed doesn’t just satisfy our curiosity. It also helps us to make better decisions or respond more effectively to an unfolding situation. That means, if you’re on the side of the information provider, the more detail you can share with the receiver (potential customer), the happier they are likely to be.


Providing the right content at the right time is one reason why so many organisations have embraced digital signage technology. The proof of its growing popularity is all around you – from a train station to a hotel’s reception area, the petrol station to the shopping centre and even inside the retail outlets contained within it. In short, sharing information is seen as a good thing – whether it’s an update on train times, special promotional offers, amended trading hours over a seasonal holiday, guidance directions or even a cheerful ‘Welcome’ message to greet you as you check into your hotel room.


But, there’s a snag. Digital signage solutions – until recently – were not that easy to use and an administrator would need programming skills to update the content. As a consequence, the useful information they were meant to convey wasn’t always updated or accurate. This misinformation could have serious consequences in situations where people were making decisions based on the information the digital signage was sharing with them.


Addressing the problem easily and effectively, is Vivitek’s NovoDS. What’s so important – and refreshing – about this affordable digital signage solution is that it dramatically simplifies the process for creating and updating content on a display. Ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for a corporate or public area, the digital signage content can incorporate text, photos, audio, video, and Web content in fully customizable configurations for a variety of settings. Versatile and flexible, the applications for the NovoDS range from corporate events and commercial spaces to educational facilities and public installations that need a quick and easy digital signage solution. Designed for maximum convenience, the NovoDS is 4k2k-ready for the next generation of high-resolution displays, making it a cost-effective ultra-high-definition solution.



It’s so easy to use, that even non-technical members of staff will feel at ease with it, thanks to drag-n-drop template customization and a highly intuitive playlist editing function. IT Managers will appreciate the NovoDS too, thanks to it being easy to manage over a network. Despite it supporting large-scale deployments, both private and public sector organisations will appreciate it for being both affordable and highly cost-effective.


With NovoDS, not only does digital signage come alive, but its ease of use ensures that there’s no excuse for displaying out of date or incorrect information anymore. In short, investing in a NovoDS could well be one of the most informed decisions a company could make, and one that its information-hungry customers would appreciate.

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