Projections of the past via the technology of today


Oldenzaal, a historically significant city in Twente, Netherlands, has embraced modern technology to bring its rich past to life. Through the Oldenzaal Digital Hanseatic City project, managed by the Stichting Oldenzaalse Musea, the city has transformed its historical documents into captivating digital projections, allowing visitors to explore and engage with the story of its Hanseatic heritage. Utilizing advanced projection mapping and animations, the project has successfully presented Oldenzaal's pivotal role in the Eighty Years' War and its development as a Hanseatic city. Supported by the reliable Vivitek DU9800Z laser projector and the expertise of TriMotion and MAV Techniek, this immersive experience has revitalized the city's history and created a lasting appreciation for its cultural legacy.


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