Smarter, faster and more powerful, NovoPRO cuts out the cable from the meeting room and allows for multiple participants to share and interact wirelessly to the projector.


Hoofddorp, January 2015 – Vivitek, a leading brand of visual display products, is introducing the NovoPRO – a powerful new wireless business collaboration tool.  NovoPRO takes it a step up from NovoConnect with an impressive new feature-set to really share and engage visual content from any meeting participant wirelessly onto the main screen with just a few clicks. The platform is designed to ensure a top quality wireless experience, yet at a price-performance point that makes it easily affordable for any meeting room, boardroom or brainstorm space.


With NovoPRO as the hub, contributing digital content onto the projection screen is fast and simple and the additional features such as on screen annotation and capture open up a vast array of creative possibilities in any meeting. Participants can instantly connect their device via a WiFi connection to NovoPRO and start sharing immediately once the meeting host assigns them one of the four (split screen) projection connections. 


Featuring a powerful Quad-Core processor, NovoPRO is a fast operating wireless hub for any meeting room.  Multiple devices (up to sixty four in client mode) can be connected at any one time, while four can be actively projecting in a split screen. This empowers users to share content with the group on the main display through its full mirroring capabilities. Its cross OS platform compatibility ensures NovoPRO supports all types of WiFi enabled devices including iPads, iPhones, as well as their Android equivalents, alongside Chromebooks, laptops and all types of desktop PC.

NovoPRO has the ability to output native UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) content, as well as stream 1080p video content up to sixty frames per second to ensure smooth, high quality wireless video.


The NovoPro’s built-in Ethernet port and WiFi allow for standard dual network support so that both a wired and wireless connection infrastructure can be accomplished to accommodate, for example, both guest and corporate network setting.  While sharing content wirelessly, data security is guaranteed through the data encryption of NovoPRO to ensure good ideas stay within the company. 


For guests to join the meeting instantly, the optional Launcher set allows for instantaneous screen sharing though this USB connected device which has the NovoPRO software preloaded.  The Launcher set consists of a hub with 4 devices.  Each launcher device has four placement buttons for the four screen quadrants of the split screen to provide an easy selection of multiple display devices.  Lastly, the Launcher software operates with PC’s and Mac’s, making it truly plug-n-play.


Key features of NovoPRO

  • Allows up to 64  users to connect, while 4 can present simultaneously

  • WiFi Hotspot mode (with up to 8 participants) for quick set up or Client mode for full integration

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Seamless WiFi video transmission in 1080p - sixty frames per second

  • Full mirroring of PC/Mac, Chromebook or mobile devices directly to the projector

  • Access to cloud storage (in client mode)

  • Easy transfer of meeting host role

  • Data encryption in Corporate mode

  • Launcher USB hub to allow direct meeting participation without software installation

  • Touch Screen support

  • Remote management of all NovoPRO devices for IT

  • Free software upgrades


    Availability and pricing

    NovoPro will be available from January - with a bundle price for NovoPro and Launcher at Euro 899 excl.VAT, or individual products: NovoPro - list price of Euro 699 excl. VAT

    NovoPro Launcher Euro 299 excl.VAT.


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