Vivitek’s new LauncherPlus starts meetings instantly, increases productivity - while safeguarding security


Vivitek - a leading provider of visual presentation and collaboration solutions - has updated its popular LauncherPlus solution.

LauncherPlus connects to any laptop to establish a direct WiFi connection to all the Wireless Collaboration solutions in Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem - both Add-On Devices and All-in-One display solutions. Users of the latest LauncherPlus will find their collaboration, productivity and connectivity boosted further by its new features.


Secure & stable ‘single click’ connection

The new LauncherPlus is designed with performance and even higher security in mind, using a Read Only Memory to establish a single click connection for wireless screen mirroring. It features five buttons for quick access and easy control and offers optimised powerful WiFi performance (2.4GHz & 5GHz, 2T2R dual band WiFi antenna) for a faster, more stable and longer distance operational range of up to 15 metres. Intended for guests that are unable to install our NovoConnect software on their PC/Mac, the new LauncherPlus streamlines and secures the connection process with zero impact on the existing network.


Compatible across all Novo Ecosystem products

Naturally, the LauncherPlus delivers effortless pairing with any NovoConnect device, as well as the NovoDisplay, an All-in-One collaborative panel featuring a 4k display, wireless collaboration and a digital signage function. It is also compatible with Vivitek’s NovoTouch, a powerful All-in-One touch display for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. The LauncherPlus’ compatibility with all of Vivitek’s wireless collaboration products in the Novo Ecosystem ensures simplicity and higher user adoption. Wireless sharing of information in meetings has never been easier; nor more important, especially during the pandemic.


Simple, yet full featured

During set up, the new LauncherPlus offers not only mirroring to display devices, but extremely fast Plug and Play capabilities, as well as click and display functionality within five seconds when paired. In addition to benefitting from the new LauncherPlus being compatible with 2.4 and 5G WiFi and its enhanced distance range, regular LauncherPlus users will notice other improvements that extend to one Click to Connect, Start and Withdraw, and four buttons with Interactive Functions. These range from ‘join presentation’ to ‘toggle screen extension’, ‘show/hide this software’ and ‘move projection position.’


Network security priority

As expected from Vivitek, the LauncherPlus delivers against the requirement for world class security. Not only does it ensure a seamless AV/IT convergence through simple, secure, wireless collaboration with other devices, but Vivitek has prioritised data protection and network security for all of its wireless collaboration solutions. To that end, the LauncherPlus supports the Advanced Encryption Standard, and uses an AES256-bit key to protect data. Naturally, it benefits from password protected configuration with Meeting ID and PIN Code Protection. The NovoConnects solutions offer a Dual Network environment to separate networks for guests and employees, making it a trusted solution for IT departments to implement. ISO 27001 certification for compliance with the international standard for information security management ensures further peace of mind for users and IT Network managers alike.


Commenting on the launch of the new LauncherPlus, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, stated: “As businesses start to rebuild after 2020, the speed at which collaboration and productivity happens becomes even more important. That is why the LauncherPlus offers so many easy and user friendly new features to facilitate ideas and knowledge sharing between socially distanced groups or teams. This, aligned with its first-class security features, means the LauncherPlus - in conjunction with Vivitek’s Novo EcoSystem - lies at the heart of productive and efficient meetings.”


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