Cleaning Your Projector

The below instructions are general. Refer to your user manual for product specific cleaning and maintenance instructions.


Cleaning the projector to remove dust and grime will help ensure trouble-free operation. 



  1. Be sure to turn off and unplug the projector at least 30 minutes before cleaning. Failure to do so could result in a severe burn. 
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner on low power to remove surface dust. Ensure not to scratch the housing or bezels with the nozzle. Use only a dampened cloth when cleaning. Do not allow water to enter the ventilation openings on the projector. 
  3. If a small amount of water gets into the projector interior while cleaning, leave unplugged in a well-ventilated room for several hours before using. 
  4. If a larger amount of of water gets into the projector interior when cleaning, have the projector serviced (NOTE: This will void warranty and cost will apply)


Cleaning the lens

You can purchase optic lens cleaner from most camera stores. Refer to the following to clean the projector lens.

  1. Apply a little optic lens cleaner to a clean soft cloth. (Do not apply the cleaner directly to the lens.) 
  2. Lightly wipe the lens in a circular motion




  1. Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents. 
  2. To prevent discoloration or fading, avoid getting lens cleaner on the projector case. 


Cleaning the carrying case

Refer to the following to clean the projector case.

  1. Wipe off dust with a clean dampened cloth.  
  2. Moisten the cloth with warm water and mild detergent (such as used to wash dishes), and then wipe the case. 
  3. Rinse all detergent from the cloth and wipe the projector again. 


Caution: To prevent discoloration or fading of the case, do not use abrasive alcohol-based cleaners. 


Special note for ultra-short throw projectors for reflection mirror cleaning.

The mirrors on the UST projectors are sensitive optical devices made of vapour deposition silver. Touching it directly can cause damage to the mirror, and the mirrors needs to be handled with care. Do NOT under any circumstances use detergents and any sort of cloths to wipe the mirrors. Instead, use an air bellow or compressed air to clean the mirror from dust.


In the event that the mirror has fingerprints or other substances that are not possible to remove with air, we recommend that the unit is brought in for service to an authorized service centre for cleaning by a professional repair technician. Cost will apply if the mirror has been scratched or damaged due to fingerprints or other substances. 

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