Vivitek EMEA projector warranty terms and conditions

Limited Warranty

Vivitek makes the following limited warranty to original owner of its projectors in Europe, Middle East & Africa (Hereafter “EMEA”).

  1. The limited warranty does not affect any statutory legal rights or national governmental laws in the country, as long as the country is located in EMEA
  2. The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in the Vivitek projector or product. Exceptions are mentioned in separate paragraphs
  3. The warranty on the Vivitek projector or product has a minimum period of 2 years. Accessories (Lamps, Lenses, Remote Control, Modules, etc.) have different warranty periods, these, as well as additional warranties depend on the product, see separate paragraphs
  4. In the event that a product develops a fault that is covered by this limited warranty, Vivitek will, at its sole discretion choose to repair, or replace the product with the same or similarly performing product.
  5. The product serial number label must be intact and present on the product, as originally placed on the product.
  6. Vivitek’s warranty is limited to repair or replace the product. Vivitek is not liable for any indirect, punitive, special, or consequential costs, expense or damages related to but not limited to, loss of revenue, rental of replacement product(s), savings or other financial burdens rising as a result of the defect.
  7. Except for the express warranties set forth above in this “Vivitek Limited Warranty”, Vivitek is making no other warranties, express or implied, with respect to products, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, satisfactory quality or infringement of intellectual property rights.

Exclusion from the limited warranty
The following conditions are not covered by Vivitek’s limited warranty:

  1. Damage to the product and its surroundings as result of defects caused by improper installation as per safety and installation instructions in the user manual
  2. Power surges connection to incorrect voltage or combination with incompatible components or accessories
  3. Products which have been dropped or roughly handled
  4. Products which have been attempted repaired by any person or company not authorized by Vivitek, modified products or otherwise products where maintenance beyond what is mentioned in the user manual has been performed
  5. The use of non-original lamps will void the product warranty
  6. Damage caused by excess humidity or where poor air quality may affect the product operation (dust, nicotine, sand, corrosion, etc.)
  7. Defects developed as a result of lack of maintenance or cleaning as instructed in the user manual. Cleaning of dust is not covered by the factory warranty
  8. Normal wear and tear, scratches and aesthetical issues
  9. Products with excess use. Normal use is considered maximum 12 hours, unless the product is designed and specified for 24/7 heavy duty use.
  10. Software, CD-ROM or other media are not covered by the limited warranty

Warranty Periods

Below table shows the warranty periods used by various Vivitek products. Variances may apply in your country (by local laws and policies). The owner’s purchase date is used to determine the warranty. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep a copy of the proof of purchse in order to claim warranty for the product in case of defects covered by the limited warranty.


Should a defect occur on your Vivitek product that is covered by this limited warranty, please promptly contact Vivitek or one of Vivitek appointed Authorized Service Partner in EMEA

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in your new Vivitek projector, the exception stated below. This warranty is valid only for Projectors purchased and used in EMEA This warranty runs for a period of 2 years (minimum) except for Lamp, LAMP WARRANTY DURATION, from the original date of purchase. After the expiration of the warranty period, labour and parts on any repair services will be charged to you. Coverage is limited to first purchasers only and terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the projector.

If, after following all instructions in the Projector’s manual, you find that service is needed, you will be required to contact Vivitek Authorized Service Partner at the contact details mentioned on page 24 for a service and repair.

You will be asked to submit a sales receipt, invoice or other proof of purchase from an Authorized Vivitek dealer specifying the original date of purchase.

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Vivitek aims for the utmost level of satisfaction and offers a warranty scheme for the EMEA region where all Vivitek's projectors are warranted against failure for a period of two, three or five years depending on the model and the number of hours operated.

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